LED Specialties focuses on products made with LEDs.  In the past few years, the cost of LEDs have continued to decline, and this has resulted in many new products hitting the market. Previously, we were used to seeing lighting products with incandescent bulbs (for example flashlights.) But recently, LED flashlights have greatly increased in popularity.

LED flashlights have several features the old incandescent flashlights didn’t. For example, the old incandescent bulb would burn out after a period of time. Or, if you dropped the flashlight it might break the bulb.

But the newer LED flashlights aren’t made with bulbs. Instead, they’re made with light emitting diodes (LEDs.) These LEDs have much longer life expectancies than the old incandescent bulb.  They aren’t anywhere near as fragile either. And the fact that they take up so little space, as compared to their predecessor, means that today’s flashlights often come with more than one LED.

These days there are many varieties of LED flashlights. But LED Specialties is currently specializing in ultraviolet LED flashlights. These uv flashlights – commonly called black light flashlights – have become increasingly popular, as consumers discover new and fun uses for them. It’s LED Specialties’ mission to continue to search for new and innovative LED products to bring to the marketplace.